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Blauwe Kiekendief_Hen Harrier_Circus Cyaneus_Marcelloromeo_7417
Bruine Kiekendief_Marsh Harrier_Circus Aeruginosus_Marcelloromeo_7407
Dwergstern_Little Tern_Sternula albifrons_Marcelloromeo_7380
Edelhert_Red Deer_Cervo Elaphus_Marcelloromeo_7465
Grauwe Kiekendief_Montagus Harrier_Circus Pygargus_Marcelloromeo_7415
Oranjetipje_Orange Tip_Anyhocharis Cardamines_Marcelloromeo_7480
Ralreiger_Squacco Heron_Ardeola ralloides_Marcelloromeo_7500
Roodhalsgans_Red-breasted goose_Branta Ruficollis_Marcelloromeo_7392
Steenuil_Little Owl_Athene Noctua_Marcelloromeo_7527
Visdief_Common Tern_Sterna Hirundo_Marcelloromeo_7436
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26 mei 2016

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